HASH 485

*un 485

When: March 24, 2012

Start/Finish:  Koshojiyama Green Park

Hares: Hasslecock, Tiny Two Stroke

Pack: Bus Buster, Big Yak Pussy Attack, 7 Finger Fantasy, Ground & Pound, Lollipop Geisha, Deep Throat Steam Boat, Purple Vein, Red White & Horny, Gitmo Pimpo, NN Joe, Middle School Masturbater, NN Kate, Love Me Tender, Beef Curtains, Wake Me Up B4 You Go-Go, Sloppy Fourths, Guaca Cocka Mole, NN Adam, Queen LaQueefa, NN Jen
What a nice blustery day.  Hasslecock and Tiny both found this park while scouting separately and it was fate that brought them together on this most important Hash day.  BC was showing off in his new car.  Not only did he blow by the pack up van on the way to start, he was going so fast he blew by start where 7 Finger Fantasy was already waiting.  3 Dogs even came by to start to introduce some family.   Go-Go started the blessing nicely by trying to make biscuits on Tiny’s head.  Using half of his flour to bless the Hares, Go-Go got repaid by Tiny.  Go-Go was hiding Tiny’s Hare bag, and after Tiny finally found her he decided to bless her as well, but most of the flour went on her face.  Sorry…  After Bus Buster chased Tiny trying to hit him again the Hares finally got on their way.  The path led down to a nice little water fall.  And Tiny took a nice little spill after laying the scenic view mark.  Did anyone notice the big pile of flour right after the water fall?  Yeah, half the flour just about fell out when Tiny had to use his cat like reflexes to keep from busting his ass.  But he did have blood on trail on his left hand, right elbow, left leg, and right knee.  I think I had every major body part covered. The trail eventually led to a small bridge where there was a time capsule and a well that was used to make charcoal.  The trail was quite scenic going through woods most of the time. The first beer stop was by a small dam.   The second beer stop (for some people. pay attention to this) was by an overlook which had a great view of the sea and a golf course.  The eagle trail had a spot that is used by those para-glide-sail things.
I have to give an honorable mention here to NN-Jen.  After I got to finish and put the beer there, I ran back down the road to start.  As I was coming upon the B vehicle, I saw someone start to take off on the trail.  All I saw was a black running outfit, black hair.  7 Finger Fantasy I thought? Why was she starting so late? I honked the horn, but she had already gone around the bend.  Going back to start, where everyone was coming in, the FRB’s and eventually some chauncers.  But even before all the chauncers got to finish I look up on trail and I see NN-Jen come running down to finish. WTF?!  She had started over an hour late, ran trail by herself (which was only her second run), and still found finish.  Awesome.  She did take the turkey trail though to catch up a bit, plus I think she was a little scared of what the Hares had in store.  But either way, great job.  I smell a future Hare in the works.  At finish she kept saying, “Who had the pink chalk?”  She took me to get the beer stops, and I asked her what was up with the pink chalk?  She asks me, “what does an arrow with 3 lines on top of it mean, because I followed every one of those.”  LMFAO.  She now knows what that means.  And may G. bless her little heart for she found all the YBF’s.  There was one she found twice.  At the bridge where the time capsule was, she turns right to go up trail.  YBF.  Ok back the other way, where after a water crossing there was another intersection.  She turns right.  Right into the previous YBF she had just hit.  Hasslecock and I high fived each other after we heard that.  Ok, enough about that little pooper.
At circle, some time was given out to Guac for it was her birthday.  She turned a young 69 years old.  Bus Buster had assembled another fine bag of gifts from her own store.  I think if you go over Bus’ house, you will see less and less stuff.  We had all signed a card for her but of course we signed it in english.  Since Guac’s english isn’t that good she had LMT read the card for her.  Maybe we didn’t use good english because I think LMT had a hard time reading the card too.   The food Guac brought was pretty gosh darn good.  It could have been better, but no one could get the camping stove to light to warm the mexican food.  Although after eating her brownies, I felt a little wierd…..
Tiny got called into the circle for some small infraction and decided to get donations from everyone into the hashit.  But as he is going around, Guac decides to use her Bailey’s she just received.  So as the Bailey’s is sitting in the Hashit, it starts to curdle.  So it was more like a cement mixer.  So finally after BC gets done talking, Tiny got to chew his drink.  I think I am done taking donations from Guac. Or Bailey’s.
Barry brought his dog with him on the *un.  I think Argos has someone to play with now.  And what a well trained dog it was.  It wasn’t barking, chewing water bottles or shaking water off on anyone.  I think Barry’s dog will be a good role model for Argos.  Maybe they can even mate one day.
Tiny also received his SuperHare patch for doing his 10th Hare.  Ahhh… it seems like only yesterday I was leading the pack on a check back 50.  But I would like to say it is an honor getting to Hare with this pack.  I have so much fun Haring and *unning.  Thank you all for putting up with my trails and I hope I get to Hare as much as I can before I have to leave here in July…. :’(
But enough of this sappy crap.  This was an awesome Hash day.  EXCEPT, that some chauncers did not get to have both their beer stops as promised in the Hare lies.  Nani the fuck?!  As BC comes rolling down the hill after another Zen adventure, he has a beer stop cooler in his hand.  He slings it on the ground and proclaims, ” I did y’all a favor!”  And has a look on his face like we should thank him.  Then some chauncers come a little later after him and ask, “Hey, where was the second beer stop? We saw ice, we looked around, and found no beer!”  No beer!!!???  Our beer stop stolen? Our trail messed with?  And the beer stop was on such a beautiful scenic stop.  The chauncers had been denied and lied to.   What to do?  Who should be punished?  Hmmmm…. Let’s look at the evidence.  BC took the cooler.  Enough evidence. Case closed.  Perfect time to nominate him for the Hashit.  Not only because of the crime, but for some reason the pack had in for BC.  Barry and his dog wouldn’t be quiet when BC was talking.  Gitmo Pimpo offered BC a cigar to smoke after BC begged for one.  Except to smoke this cigar BC would have to have gotten on his knees.  Either way, the stars were aligned and so I took opportunity and ran with it.  Guac was even kind enough to offer a cap full of Bailey’s as a donation.  I kind of miss the Hashit though.  I have had it for what seems like almost 5-6 months total. (from both times added up)  But I don’t miss it enough to want it back.  It is a pain running with that thing through some of Sloppy’s shiggy.  Plus on this Hash as I was running I heard some whistles, so I had to hold the jingle jangle things to keep quiet.  I promise to be on my best Hash behavior.
Where was I… Ok, I think that is enough for now.  Pictures are on my Hashspace page, and the attached image is the trail.

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