Haring 10 Commandments

The Hare Commandments as revealed to 3 Dogs Fucking on Mount Misen from the spirit of G. The order in which they were revealed are listed in the order of their significance the first being the most important and tenth while still important shall be considered a more pardonable sin than the first in the eyes of G. He sayeth on to 3 Dogs “Here are my Commandments to the hares… they shall follow them religiously or face the wrath of the pack!”  “In all matters of arbitration the hare razor is my authority down on earth, may (s)he know these commandments well!”

I. There shall be beer at Finish

II. The hares shall lay no bad trail back beyond a true trail marking (a true trail arrow or a check: an intersection or a whichy-way)

III. The hares shall not split a trail with hash going in different directions without leaving some check marking indicating a split (be a intersection, whichy-way or check back)

IV. The hares shall lay no more than 3 hashes beyond a check without indicating whether the trail is true or bad.

V. The pack shall wait at start for a period of 12 minutes and shall walk for a period of 3 minutes upon leaving start. If the hares lay a check of any sorts within the observed 3 minute period of walking the pack shall then be free to run

VI. The hares shall place hash at “reasonable” distances from each other dependent on environmental conditions defined below:

①        On concrete or asphalt sections of trail roughly no more than 25 meters apart
②        On turns on hash/chad within a meter of the turn and within a few (say 2~3) meters after turning. The second hash should however be visible from the turning point at some point (i.e. it may be hidden from the direction of intended direction of travel but when traveling back it should be clear that trail turned on hash/chad there)
③        On developed or cleared shiggy paths roughly no more 10 meters apart
④        In deep shiggy, defined here as undeveloped or cleared routes, hash the following hash shall be visible from the last mark (i.e. a pack member should be able to stand by the mark and spot the next one from there)

VII. There shall be shiggy. (Unless it is Pub Crawl and in most cases of Turkey Splits)

VIII. There shall be beer at Start

IX. There shall be a beverage stop on trail. (exceptions of this commandment may be made at the discretion of the hare razor)

X.   Iwakuni White Snake Hash Harriers is live hare kennel….it always has been and always will be. The hares shall not pre-lay their trail prior to the call of “Hares Away!”
(This being said it is not unheard of hares breaking this commandment thus it is found later in the commandments, however the verisimilitude that a trail has been laid live must be maintained (i.e. if you are slow runner and laying 20 long check backs and several YBFs off every intersection going in the opposite direction of the general direction of your trail with no conceivable way of reconnecting back…the pack is not going to buy it)…Hares will be assumed innocent until proven guilty by concrete evidence…(e.g. time stamped photos of hash marks laid prior to “Hares Away!”; eyewitness accounts of seeing hares laying trail; or confessions of members of the public whom have set up to fish, picnic or etc. next to hash marks that were obviously laid prior to “Hares Away!”;) …the rest is just conjecture.  However not maintaining the verisimilitude of a live lay will more than likely cause the pack to call for the hares’ blood and the trail to be voted down, especially those that come to chase the hares which ultimately relates back to what Dirty Dingus has wisely stated “if the pack isn’t enjoying the trail you’ve wasted your time and theirs”.

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